A new approach to healthcare documentation management.


The brief

During my employment with 3M as Frontend Web Developer, I was tasked with the creation of a brand new UI & UX for our greenfield management application.

The purpose

To bring a fresh, modern look and approach to a highly functional healthcare management application.

The process

Research → Brainstorm → Wireframe → Design → Prototype → Build → Live


UX Design

UI Design



The new application was already in a functional state, but with vanilla styling and a small scope; it needed a direction going forward. I began by talking to managers & stakeholders to find out exactly what they were looking for. I also spent some time analysing the underlying data and the relationships between the entities to shed light on how best to present it to users.


I began analysing the approaches of similar applications and gathering inspiration from various sources. Next, I started generating ideas for what might work well, and I created the "Core Principles" of the product.


Armed with everything I needed, I designed lo-fi mockups to establish the rough arrangement of information and visuals.

The final product

After plenty of back and forth conversations with stakeholders we arrived at a set of final hi-fi mockups for all of the proposed pages. Please note that I have omitted some information, and can only show pages that are already released as development is still in progress.

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